About Becky

From a young age Becky had a flair for baking (and eating, too), but she never considered either as a career. Instead she did the proper thing and completed a university degree in IT, before going on to work at one of the region’s largest banks.

It wasn’t until Becky fell pregnant with her very first child that her artistic talent paid a visit once again.

Like most mums-to-be, she had more cravings than the Cookie Monster. But unlike him, she traded her eating utensils for an apron and spatula – baking cupcakes for the entire neighbourhood.

Piles of crumbs and hundreds of cupcakes later, Becky realised two things.

One, she was a natural baker and cake decorator… and two, her bank account had mysteriously morphed into sugar, butter and flour. Funnily enough, that’s when she decided to start Blossom Baking, juggling part-time work, family, and cake decorating. When a chance came to take up a package at work, she jumped at the chance to make a career change and pursue something she really loved.

In 2010, Becky added custom-designed cakes and cupcake toppers to her already delicious repertoire. She ventured beyond the norm, turning flour and sugar into Buzz Lightyear, noodle bowls and even cakes to get the IT department excited (slice of computer anyone?).

It’s fair to say, any one of Becky’s creations will make you go ooh and ahh. And for Becky, that’s the most satisfying part. She loves creating as much as you’ll love eating them.

Check out Becky’s cake gallery now.
(We’ll listen closely for the oohs, ahhs and wows).